Ban Appeal Format and Information

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    Treasure Wars Ban Appeal Format and Information
    Feel like you've been punished unfairly or didn't deserve to be banned? You've come to the right place! Ban Appeals allows players to justify why they believe they should be unbanned/unmuted or deserve a second chance as they submit an appeal. Appeals can also be used to point out to staff evidence which may have been forged or not sufficient.

    When submitting an appeal, it's crucial you keep in mind of a few things. First off, use a calm and friendly tone. Yelling in full caps in your appeal stating that the staff isn't smart and that they weren't hacking won't cut it, you need to use a mature manner and be cooperative. Secondly, don't make a public statement regarding your punishment. Making a public thread, poll, video or riot regarding your ban can simply result in your appeal being denied/ban standing permanently.

    Appeal Format

    Q: What is your Minecraft Username?
    What is your Minecraft Username?

    Q: What is the reason why you're banned?
    Please list the reason why you're currently banned. You can find this on your ban message upon attempting to join the server.

    Q: Time and Date?
    When were you banned from the server?

    Q: Have you previously banned on the server?
    Please list any previous times you have been banned on the server and why.

    Q: Why should we consider lifting your ban?
    Justify why you believe you should be unbanned and/or deserve a second chance.

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